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Thermal Imaging

Also known as Infrared Imaging or Thermography, we can help you to locate and record areas of your building that have insufficient or missing insulation - such as walls and roofs. This can be useful if you want to verify that a contractor has installed insulation correctly - or if you feel that areas of your house are particularly cold or difficult to heat and you want to know why?


Building Thermography can also be used to identily and record thermal bridges at key junctions in the external envelope - such as between the roof and the external wall or the floor and the wall.


Another helpful service is to check whether windows and doors have been installed correctly. The infared image will capture any thermal bridge around the opening created as a result of defective workmanship.


Infrared Imaging is great for identifying sources of draughts around window and door openings. The captured image clearly shows the extent and source of the leak.

it is also used to identify potentially dangerous faults in electrical components and wiring, particularly when these are hidden behind walls.

Sometimes, it can help to solve a mystery! 

Thermal Image of House

If you are building, refurbishing, selling or renting your home and you need energy efficiency advice please contact us:

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