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Our Services

Q50 provides a range of energy efficiency services to the residential and commercial property sector.
These include Building Energy Rating (BER), Blower Door Testing and Thermal Imaging Surveys. 
Air Tightness Testing


We provide a full suite of air leakage  measurement and detection services.


We will find the source of air leaks so that you can plug them before the building is finished. We can then test the envelope in accordance with the European Standard EN13829 to ensure that your new home complies with the current Building Regulations.

Blower Door Test
ventilation validation
Ventilation Validation


Q50 is a Registered Ventilation Validator under the NSAI ventilation validation scheme. 

The 2019 revision of the Part F (Ventilation) of the Building Regulations has mandated that ventilation systems be checked by an independent third party for flow rates after commissioning.

For consumers, the benefits of Ventilation Validation are immense in terms of energy efficiency of the dwelling improvement and indoor air quality improvement, providing enhanced comfort and health benefits to the occupant.

Building Energy Rating (BER)


We provide a fast and reliable BER service to homeowners, landlords and property professionals.


Whether you are selling, renting, building or applying for a grant, we can provide you with a BER Certificate quickly and without a fuss.

energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency Advice


We have a lot of experience about energy efficiency in the home. If you need some advice please talk to us without obligation. If we can help, we will!


Whether you are thinking of building a new house or making improvements to your existing home we can point you in the right direction.


Or maybe you want to reduce your energy costs? We can give you tips on how to reduce those bills and improve the comfort levels in your home.

Grant Advice


Contact us to find out what government grants are available and whether you are entitled to one.  We can help you with the application and guide you through the process. Just remember not to start work before you have applied and to use a registered contractor! And of course, we can complete the mandatory Building Energy Rating (BER) required to get the grant.


There are a range of improvement measures to your home that attract grant aid as long as it was built before 2006.



Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging Surveys


We an help you to locate and record areas of your building that have insufficient or missing insulation - in walls and roofs.


Building Thermography can also be used to identily and record thermal bridges at key junctions in the external envelope - such as between the roof and the external wall or the floor and the wall.


Infrared Imaging is great for identifying sources of draughts around window and door openings. The captured image clearly shows the extent and source of the leak.



If you are building, refurbishing, selling or renting your home and you need energy efficiency advice please contact us:

Call Chris Moore on 086 313 0970

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