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Air Tightness Testing

Also known as Blower Door Testing, Air Pressure Testing or Air Permeability Testing, Air Tightness Testing aims to reduce energy losses from the dwelling in the form of air leakage. At Q50, we provide the test result required under part L of the Building Regulations. This is the Q50 result.


Before the construction of your building is finished, we carry out a preliminary test to find the sources of air leaks. These can then be sealed in a cost-effective manner, eliminating uncomfortable draughts and reducing the amount of energy escaping through the building envelope.


We then test the envelope in accordance with the new European Standard  (I.S. EN ISO 9972:2015) to ensure that your new building complies with the current Building Regulations.


We are NSAI Registered (Reg.No. 1.91.058) and fully insured.

In addition to Air Tightness Testing, Q50 also specialises in Ventilation Validation services. Learn more here


Air Tightness Testing

If you are building, refurbishing, selling or renting your home and you need energy efficiency advice please contact us:

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