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Thermal Imaging - An Unusual Request

I reveived a call from a customer asking me for urgent help regarding a potentially hazardous situation. I had carried out a number of Thermal Imaging surveys for him over the years but this call was different.


The customer had been on his way to bed one night and heard a strange noise in his hallway as he turned off the lights, He couldn't quite identify what the noise was or where exactly it was coming from. Eventually, he established the noise was coming from behind a stud wall where it joined the sloped section of the hallway ceiling. Worryingly, the noise was a crackling sound. He described it as a bit like the sound of crepe paper being scrunched or kindling on fire. He was so worried, he asked me to call to his house immediately (at 11:00pm!) in case it was something sinister.

When I arrived, I immediately turned off the electricity at the mains in case there was a defective electrical connection or faulty wiring behind the wall. I then fired up the Infrared Camera and had a look. This is what I found........

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